Banana Split Chiffon Cake

I made this out of my Baking Bible – a really cool but sometimes difficult baking book that my sister got me for Christmas last year. It has tons of awesome detailed recipes with all the ingredients measured in metric and imperial. Whenever I attempt a recipe I know it’s going to take several hours and there’s a good chance I’ll mess it up! This time I think it turned out well for once, however. I was a bit confused that the description and picture alludes to a caramel sauce topping but the recipe only has a chocolate ganache? Regardless, it tastes good and I had to use up some of the $40 package of chocolate I bought on Amazon a while back anyhow.

A chiffon cake is kind of like angel food cake. It’s very light and fluffy. In fact, it basically tastes like banana infused angel food cake with chocolate on top. How bad could that be? (as Ina would say)


The recipe is like four pages so if you want the recipe let me know or go buy the book because I’m too lazy to write it up now…lol

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